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The VIRGIL-SURVEIL platform is a clinical surveillance system of viral drug resistance in Europe, that ensures the use of uniform criteria for the collection and reporting of drug resistance everywhere in Europe. This also provides real time information in the prevalence and spread of viral resistant strains in Europe. A particular emphasis is made on special group populations in whom viral drug resistance may be more rapidly detrimental (childhood, elderly, immuno-compromised and transplanted patients). This clinical platform helps in the implementation of new clinical trials for the evaluation of novel antiviral agents, or a better use of already existing drugs to contain viral drug resistance.
This platform integrates the expertise and knowledge of various existing national or trans-national networks, to endorse new objectives like detection of resistant isolates, characterization of the strains and analysis of the clinical implication of the emergence of these resistant strains. For instance, the surveillance of influenza being carried out in Europe through the EISS network dedicated for surveillance and early warning, several members of EISS are participating in VIRGIL and play a pivotal role between both networks. For the surveillance of viral hepatitis, VIRGIL integrates the expertise and resources of national surveillance networks (German HepNet, Swiss Cohort, French ANRS cohorts, British mild-HCV cohorts sponsored by the NHS, Italian TTVH Network of clinical centres treating HBV and HCV patients in Northern Italy, Greek surveillance centre in Thessalonica, etc.) for developing a unified concept of surveillance at the European level.
In summary, VIRGIL-SURVEIL allows a global approach for monitoring and ultimately improving the management of antiviral drug resistances in treated patients, leading to outstanding practices and standards in Europe. To that end, VIRGIL-SURVEIL research activities are divided into the following tasks:

Prepare a unique case recording form for the surveillance of antiviral treatment, and provide guidelines for the detection of clinical resistance to treatment;
  Define specific groups for enhanced surveillance of antiviral treatment;
  Assemble a unique collection of data on HBV and HCV patients (patient register) who have received antiviral treatment.
  Set up a comprehensive and evolving IT platform to prospectively collect data on patient emerging drug resistance and to provide information on clinical features associated with resistance, including an early warning system for emergence of diffusible resistant strains.
  Define clear diagnostic Standard Operating Procedures to collect specimen.
  Provide good medical practice for the use of antivirals at the European level.

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