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by zope1Ostatnio zmodyfikowane 2006-01-16 15:21


The aim of the VIRGIL-INNOTECH platform is to develop key technologies and methodologies that, following implementation, form the next generation tools for monitoring viral drug resistance (VIRGIL-CLINVIR), understanding the molecular basis for drug resistance (VIRGIL-MODELS) and improving surveillance of drug resistant viruses in the population (VIRGIL-SURVEIL and -CLINVIR). The activities of this platform can be divided into two work packages:

Viral genomics in which virus replicons, cell lines for phenotypic analysis of mutant viruses, sensitive nucleic acid amplification assays and gene chips technology for mutation analysis are being developed.

Bio-informatics, -mathematics and -statistics to provide support to the Virgil network for understanding viral drug resistance at the molecular level, providing new tools for the analysis of clinical data and modelling kinetics and spread of resistance. Bio-informatics, in large, has proven in the last decade to play a crucial role in the rapid development of biological research and is predicted to become even more important along with the explosion of biological information to become available. Also in the field of viral dynamics and resistance mathematical models have shown their importance in predicting the effect of various therapy regimens against viral hepatitis and HIV and in understanding patterns of spread of Influenza resistance. In preparing for future data, novel, integrated and generic modelling techniques are being developed to enable the integration and analysis of the data generated by the network and others.
The VIRGIL-INNOTECH platform promotes technology transfer of drug resistance testing tools and innovation aspects to SMEs or bigger industry companies, and their application to the clinical situation. Another aim is to coordinate the integrated and smart development of VIRGIL Internet-based database, linking viral sequence and clinical data with structural biology and evolution analysis tools that enables the integration of information emanating from the various parts of the VIRGIL network. In addition, experts on bioinformatics participating in VIRGIL-INNOTECH provide expertise in order to make predictions about resistance mechanisms in cases where no 3D structure is available or to simplify and accelerate the analysis, especially in cases where large numbers of mutations must be analysed.

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