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by zope1Ostatnio zmodyfikowane 2006-01-16 15:18


The VIRGIL-IMPACT platform evaluates the societal impact of drug resistance in terms of morbidity, monitoring and treatment costs. This allows to assess at the European level, the benefit of VIRGIL coordinated effort for the proper use of antivirals, and the cost/benefit of different approaches to prevent or combat viral drug resistance. A special emphasis is made on any important societal differences between European countries with different health care systems. To that aim, information is collected via Internet, analyzed and integrated into the general VIRGIL Web-site. Finally, the VIRGIL-IMPACT platform aims at developing a decision support system for the management of individual patients with antiviral resistance, taking into account efficacy, side effects, and costs. To achieve this goal, the system is based upon a probabilistic network, that integrates clinical data and specialized laboratory tests and yields information on chances of response, chances of clinically relevant side effects and costs of various treatment options. Therefore, its activities are organized as follows:

Implementing VIRGIL�s IT platform: The VIRGIL Knowledge Generation and Distribution (vKGD) information system

Design the vKGD information system

Build the vKGD information system

Maintain the vKGD information system

Promote the vKGD information system

Incidence, prevalence and burden of disease

Collect new data produced by all VIRGIL sub-networks via a web-based information system (vKGD information system)

Manage web-site mediated knowledge databases of vKGD Information System

Incorporate data resulting from case management

Identify sentinel EU countries or regions

Collection of data on reimbursement of antiviral drugs for hepatitis B, C and influenza

Study transmission of influenza in recent epidemics using mapping techniques

Case management through viRDoc (viral Resistance Doctor online consultation)

Implementation of viRDoc (Viral resistance Doctor Online Consultation). A Web-based system to facilitate management of individual patients with antiviral resistance

Development of decision support system for management of individual patients

Development of models for individual case management of antiviral resistance of hepatitis B

Development of models for individual case management to prevent antiviral resistance of lamivudine in hepatitis B

Communication hub for influenza pandemic planning

Become part of European early warning system

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