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The VIRGIL-HOST platform aims at understanding and assessing at the clinical level the host determinant factors involved in virus resistance to antiviral treatments. Indeed, for understanding the development of drug resistance it is very important to consider interactions with the host-cell and organism as well as the immune response. In the case of resistance or non-responsiveness of HBV, HCV and influenza virus to antiviral treatment for instance, it is necessary to obtain detailed insights in the viral modulation of the immune response and the molecular interactions of viral proteins or viral immune antagonists with the host cell. The relevance of the host immune response for the permissiveness as opposed to prevention of antiviral drug resistance is analyzed by the VIRGIL-HOST platform in a multidisciplinary approach including genetics, cell biology, clinical/molecular virology, and immunology to understand the role of host factors in antiviral drug resistance. New techniques and technical standards are implemented within this platform and the results of the immunological studies integrated with the genomic and post-genomic analyses. VIRGIL-HOST benefits from the post-genomic era by taking into account gene expression profiling analysis for the overall understanding of the basis of drug resistance development. Establishing such a robust yet flexible platform helps to address the role of host-cell determinants in drug resistance development and to design and execute strategies to control and prevent emergence of resistance for now and in the future. To that end, VIRGIL-HOST actitivies are organized as follows:

Establishment of a clinical database and sample collection for genetic studies (in cooperation with VIRGIL-SURVEIL)

Definition of potentially important polymorphisms and establishment of molecular techniques for rapid analysis of a large number of samples

Establishment and characterisation of transfected cell lines for the study of protein-protein interaction and alterations in virus-induced cellular signalling

Sample collection (serum and PBMC) of relevant groups of patients for immunological studies

Establishment of new techniques for the characterisation of dendritic cell subsets

Establishment of new techniques for the characterisation of virus specific T cells

Understanding the emergence of influenza virus resistant variants to amantadine and neuraminidase inhibitors on the level of and the immune response

Investigation of drug resistance development and the mode of action of novel and upcoming drugs

Definition of groups of patients at risk for development of viral resistance during antiviral therapy.

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