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The VIRGIL-CLINVIR platform aims at implementing centralized diagnostic platforms for characterization of resistance when it occurs, as well as developing the VIRGIL handy database enabling sharing of genotypic, phenotypic, and surveillance information collected, notably for patients with high risk of development of resistant strains. At the same time, virus panels are built for subsequent distribution and use in quality controls of the various virological techniques needed for routine assessment of HBV, HCV and influenza resistance. This clinical virology platform also evaluates new diagnostic tools that are relevant for viral drug resistance monitoring and offers integrated services for antiviral multicenter clinical trials. All together, these activities allow the integration of antiviral susceptibility data with geography, population and disease based surveillance and provide a European framework into which trials of new antivirals can be integrated.
In summary, VIRGIL-CLINVIR research activities are divided into four major tasks:

Clinical virology monitoring of clinical trials and cohorts. This activity provides the VIRGIL-SURVEIL platform with the appropriate tools for the virological assessment of viral resistance.

Viral kinetics. The study of viral kinetics during and after antiviral therapy allows the construction of hypotheses to better understand the mechanisms underlying viral resistance to therapy and the design of appropriate in vitro models to test for these hypotheses.

Genetics of resistance. Viral resistance to antiviral molecules is partly or fully related to genetically-determined viral factors. The availability of a rapid genotyping platform, of a centralized sequencing platform and of local facilities allows a speed up of the molecular characterization of viral resistance.

Viral resistance phenotyping. The gold standard to define viral resistance to an antiviral drug is the calculation of the inhibitory concentration (IC50) and of the IC90 in an in vitro system in culture. Overall, this viral resistance phenotyping task allows the network to develop, implement and widely use phenotypic assays for the characterization and epidemiology of HBV, HCV and influenza virus resistance to current and future antiviral drugs.

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