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Site News
Emergence of resistance to oseltamivir among influenza A(H1N1) viruses in Europe creato da virgil editor — Ultima modifica 07/02/2008 18:51
Rapid communication on shared by key european influenza virgil scientists
Report on Antiviral Drug Resistance 2007 creato da virgil editor — Ultima modifica 05/09/2007 17:29
Following the 2007 Virgil International Symposium on Antiviral Drug Resistance.
Report on Antiviral Drug Resistance 2006 creato da virgil editor — Ultima modifica 05/09/2007 17:01
Following the Virgil International Symposium 2006 on Antiviral Drug Resistance.
VirDoc registration now open. creato da Thomas Müller — Ultima modifica 19/05/2006 20:47
One of the members of VirGil, LiverDoc, has developed a unique online consultation service called VirDoc: Viral Resistance Doctor Online Consultation. This service allows you as a physician to consult hepatology experts about chronic hepatitis B patients that experience antiviral drug resistance. VirDoc is currently available for Virgil’s members for trial purposes.

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