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VirDoc - Virgil Doctor Online Consultation

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The VirGil project aims to integrate and coordinate the activities of physicians and scientists from many institutions in 14 European countries in order to combat current and emerging antiviral drug resistance developments. The joint effort is initially directed towards three major infectious diseases: influenza and viral Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. One of the members of VirGil, LiverDoc, has developed a unique online consultation service called VirDoc: Viral Resistance Doctor Online Consultation. This service allows you as a physician to consult hepatology experts about chronic hepatitis B patients that experience antiviral drug resistance. VirDoc is currently available for Virgil’s members for trial purposes.

Welcome to VirDoc

VirDOC logo

Viral Resistance Doctor Online Consultation

Viral Resistance Doctor Online Consultation (VirDoc) is a service delivered by LiverDoc. Its objective is to help physicians in caring for chronic hepatitis B patients with antiviral drugs resistance.

The service is developed as part of LiverDoc’s participation in Virgil, a European surveillance network of antiviral drugs resistance.

VirDoc is, in essence, a doctor-to-doctor interaction between a physician treating patients and the centre of expertise. The service replaces unstructured exchange of patient information between doctors via e-mail or via telephone.

You can consult VirDoc to receive patient-tailored consultation report, based on up-to-date scientific evidence that is also approved by an expert in chronic hepatitis B.

How the system works

After registration, you can login to the system, create a patient file and enter patient specific data as requested. LiverDoc will receive this information anonymous in its database and generates a preliminary report via the Decision Support system.

Subsequently, an expert in chronic hepatitis B (hepatology consultant) will review the report. If necessary, a VirDoc expert will add knowledge and amend the preliminary report to form the final version. Within 24 hours, this report will be added to the patient file in the VirDoc Database.

After 24hours you can log into the VirDoc Database to access the patient file with the final report. The final report is patient-tailored, evidence-based and expert-approved.

Benefit of usingVirDoc

High-quality knowledge tailored to the individual patient

VirDoc’s structured approach to patient data entry and the two-step report production by a decision support system and a consultant creates the highest chance of obtaining up-to-date, evidenced-based information tailored to the individual patient.

You will receive a consultation report that gives all management options that can also be used in communication with the patient. It will allow you to manage most patients yourselves, thereby reducing the need for referral and improving the continuity of care.

Easy communication

It takes an average of four telephone calls to reach an academic expert. Instead of trying to reach the busy academician by telephone, VirDoc enables you to contact a center of expertise at the time most convenient to you.

Our consultant will answer the request within 24 hours on working days. Using the service will reduce the time needed to seek for additional medical information, via guidelines, books, publications, websites or academic experts.

To save time, VirDoc's report can also be used as a letter to other physicians involved in the care of the patient, summarizing all relevant details.

Electronic track keeping of patients with chronic liver diseases

VirDoc also serves as an online medical record. Entering the data of the patients into the VirDoc system allows you to automatically keep track of all your patients with antiviral drugs resistance.

Connecting to VirDoc

For trial purposes, we apologize to inform you that the service is currently only available for Virgil’s members.

Click on the "Register"  to go the registration page. You will receive your user name and password after your registration is accepted. You can then click on "Login" or on the VirDoc logo above to log into the system.

Register         Login

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